About us

We have rallied people who strive to put their soul into their work.

An integral quality of our employees is the sincere indifference of employees to our customers.

We are open for communication, ready to answer any question and provide all possible support.

We try to make comfortable not only the procedures, but also the stay in our office.

Our caring and sensitive administrators will always take an interest in your well-being and will certainly offer you tea or coffee.

Security issues in our offices are given increased attention.

All our Staff work in disposable gloves and masks, if necessary, goggles using disposable consumables. A full cycle of disinfection of all furniture surfaces is carried out before each client in the office.

We are absolutely confident in the safety of our procedures!


Our Team


Lyudmila Samusenko

Plastic Surgeon, Ophthalmologist
Rancho Cordova

Nina gutsu

Cosmetologist Estheticial Technician

Nina Ataman

Cosmetologist Aestheticist
Nina ataman